Pinterest Project: DIY Work-out shirts (No sewing required!)

In light of one of my 2013 goals to walk several miles each week, I thought it would be  fun to make some new work out shirts. Up until this point, I’ve been wearing over sized t-shirts, so I was in need of a change.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and figured I had nothing to lose, and no money in the budget to spend on new attire. I reused my husbands work shirts from his previous job at a Sport’s Bar where he was required to wear a jersey-type material. 


Although there are several ideas floating around the net, I chose this diy tee because it’s more modest in comparison to the other ideas. I also appreciated that it required no sewing. While I enjoy sewing many items, clothing is not one of them. This project was perfect for me. You really only need an old t-shirt and some scissors!


I must say, these didn’t turn out to be the most attractive work out tees. But it took less than 20 minutes to make three of them, and they feel much cooler. I should note that I don’t even leave the house to work out, so comfort is a much higher priority than looking cute. I rushed through the process knowing I would only wear them at home. If you took the time to cut clean, even lines, then your shirt would probably look less sloppy than mine and more similar to the one in the pictures.

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