Signing Up for Legitimate Mystery Shops on

One of the two most helpful and reliable websites for finding legitimate mystery shops is Here is how to get started on the site:

Make sure you have set up an email, online phone number, and written your sample paragraph.

Go to the Volition homepage.

To get started, click “Get Paid.”

click on get paid


This will bring up a list of opportunities. Click on “Get Paid for Shopping.”

Get Paid Mystery Shopping


Next, click on “Mystery Shopping Companies List.”

Mystery Shoppers Company List



The list will look like this. It is divided up into 3 sections, plus an international section (see next picture.)

The List



The 3 sections are “A-G” “H-P” and “Q-Z.” Remember when I told you I spent two hours over the course of three days filling out applications? This is how I divided my time- I conquered one section per day.

All Leters



Next to each company name will be a description. The company overview can be anything from what types of mystery shops are offered to which states are served. Use these descriptions to figure out if you would like to apply. Then click on the company name and fill out an application.

After you’ve applied, repeat the process until you have signed up for all of the companies you are interested in. Keep in mind: the more companies you apply with, the more job offers you will get. 




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Tomorrow, we will go over how to find legitimate mystery shopping companies on the 2nd website I recommend, MSPA North America

Do you have any questions over anything? Be sure to ask below! 

Also- are there any experienced mystery shoppers out there that would be willing to be interviewed for this series? Email me at so I can share your insight with others looking to get started!


  1. Sent you an email about an interview. Your series is great, I’ll be passing along the links to friends who ask me all the time.

  2. Bethany in Brazil says:

    Do you have any experience in the international part of mystery shopping? Is it the same process?

    • Great question! Unfortunately, I don’t have any personal experience with international shopping. However, I have heard good things from others about it. If you email me at, I can personally refer you to a few companies that might be a good fit if you’d like to try it out.

      • Bethany in Brazil says:

        Thanks! I’ll email you when I can get an email address set up. I’m thinking, though, that I should wait to start in the States and then when I get to Brazil I’ll try the international shopping.

  3. I am excited about this opportunity, and have started signing up for 10+ shops so far, but none of them have any jobs even remotely close to where I live. Is there any way to get an idea of whether a company has shops I could actually do before I go through the application process and give them all my information?

    • Hi, Emily! Sorry for the delayed response. Sometimes, on, it will list specific areas that mystery shops are available for that company. When I got tired of signing up for companies that didn’t have work for me, I began only signing up with ones that listed my region/state specifically. This means that I may have skipped over some companies that have work in my area, but I knew I could go back later if I wanted. Also- if you email me at with your region or state, I can look through the companies I’ve signed up for and let you know if there’s work.

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