Mystery Shopping Lingo


After you start applying for mystery shopping jobs, you’ll notice a lot of terminology you may not be familiar with. Here is  cheat sheet for you- Mystery Shopping Lingo. 

Scheduler: The individual who is in charge of notifying shoppers when mystery shops are available. This is the person who will send you e-mails, and texts (if that’s something you opt in for). They will be the one offering incentives to accept a job, and they are the person to contact if there is any questions or concerns about an assignment you have accepted.

Rotation Requirement: In order to avoid being identified as a mystery shopper, companies set into place a rotation requirement. This can be anywhere from 1-6 months, where you are not allowed to complete a mystery shop for the same business in that given period of time. Sometimes schedulers will waive the rotation requirement in order to complete a shop.

Hero Citations: When a shopper backs out at the last minute, or a job is needing filled on a last minute basis, schedulers will offer a hero citation which will raise your shopper rating to a significantly higher level. This will open you up to more desirable mystery shop opportunities.

Shopper Rating: A rating on a scale (typically from 1-10) that you ranked as a mystery shopper. Each company has their own scale, so you may be considered a “5” with one company and a “10” with another. It’s all based on how efficient and accurate you are at following the guidelines of the company. Each completed report will either hurt or help your score, and the higher the score, the more opportunities you will be presented with.

Bonuses: When a scheduler is anxious to get a job filled, they will offer a “bonus,” which is additional pay on top of the reimbursement and original pay of the assignment. Bonuses can range anywhere from $2-$100.

Job Board: A feature on a company’s website that allows you to see all the jobs available in your area. You can usually widen the defined area, so it’s a good place to look for jobs if you know you will be traveling.


  1. Shelley W. says:

    Can you give us your top mystery shopper company picks? That would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. Hi! I have really enjoyed reading your posts so far about mystery shopping. I have just recently begun to sign up and was wondering if all of these sites send out emails when there is a job in my area or if I have to constantly check these sites for new jobs? I can imagine that would be pretty time consuming to log on to all of these websites and search their potential jobs. Thanks for your response in advance :-)

    • Companies will always email you. I used to be really good about checking all the companies I signed up for (I had the companies divided up into ones to check Monday, Wednesday, or Friday) because there are many job opportunities not emailed to you. You’re right though- it’s very time consuming. Now, I just do that once a month or so.

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