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Truly- I’ve had enough. I am tired of excuses. I am tired of having no energy. I am tired my clothes fitting just a little too tight. I am tired of it all. I just want my body to be healthy.

That is my motivation as I go forward with my new eating plan and morning routine. To give me a kick in the pants, I am being held accountable through a biggest loser contest one of my friends is hosting as well as online accountability through 12 months to a healthier you. The contest is a just a fun little get together every Saturday morning where we weigh ourselves and talk about how our weeks went. We all paid $10 and whoever has the most weight and inches lost success will take home the money. Talk about motivation!

I have made it my goal to stay between 1200-1500 calories per day which I am tracking through My Fitness Pal. I used to be really good at tracking my calories. For me, budgeting calories is similar to to budgeting our money. It just works for me. However, when I don’t do it, it shows.

Five lessons that shocked me this week are-

::I really enjoy fresh fruit, and when I stock it well, I eat it well.

::Actual portion sizes are much smaller than what I have been eating most of my life. I ate portion sizes this week, and guess what, it didn’t kill me. I actually am finding I feel *more* energized when I eat less food. It helps that I’m making better food choices over all- i.e. a piece of fruit for breakfast instead of a donut.

::I feel my body getting stronger with each work out routine I complete. If I skip a morning work-out, I actually miss it!

::It’s actually really hard to reach 1,500 calories a day when I am not eating fast food and eating proper portions. Even with three, well-balanced meals a day and a snack, I am barely hitting 1,400 and most days it’s closer to 1,300. I definitely did not expect this, but it is so many less calories than I was eating a month ago.

::I feel much better when I don’t drink ┬ámy calories. I have pretty much stuck to tea and water (both drinks I love anyway) and by cutting out pop, sugary juices, and high caloric coffee drinks etc- I am in a much better position to use those calories to the foods my body needs.

My Week in Working Out

This was the first week I really jumped in with the exercising because I didn’t want to change too much at once. I have also started off pretty easy so I can allow my body to become adjusted to working out regularly again. Over this next week, I plan to up the intensity of a couple of my workouts a little bit. Note that all of my exercising has been at home.

Monday: 15 Minute Express Workout (It’s from a weight watcher’s DVD my mom gave me)

Tuesday: Circuit Training (from a Jillian Michael’s DVD I checked out at the library)

Wednesday: 30 Minute Beginner’s Workout (From the same DVD as Monday)

Thursday: 3 Mile High Power Walk (from a Leslie Sansone recording)

Friday: Unplanned Rest Day- I definitely could have found 15 or 20 minutes to do *something* in here, but I didn’t. I really missed it throughout the day.

Saturday: 30 minute walk outside while pushing my daughter in her stroller

My Weigh In Progress

I woke up bright and early to go weigh in this morning. So far, I have lost 3.4 lbs! It felt good to see that after a couple weeks of working hard to track my food and exercise. Overall, that puts me a little over 15% lost for my goal weight.

Questions for you-

Do you have My Fitness Pal? I’d love to track our progress together!

How did you move your body this week?

How do you feel about your overall health? Are you needing improvement like I am?


  1. Good for you, Chelsea!
    It seems to me that old habits are definitely hard to break. When we become accustomed to living a certain way, it’s difficult to break away from the norm. Kudos to you for wanting to break the cycle and I wish you success and perseverance to stick with the new plan for yourself.

    I too have recently embarked on a journey of healthier living. I’m not someone who puts a lot of stock in looking like a stick thin model but rather think it’s more important to be healthy and if losing some weight happens in the process, even better! I’ve found that portion control works best for me rather than depriving myself of my favorite foods because then I’ll be tempted to give in and binge on everything I’ve deprived myself of thus negating all the hard work I’ve put in.

    Since about Thanksgiving, I’ve started jogging…indoors, because there’s too much snow here to mess around in outside ;-) For anyone discouraged about exercising indoors because they have no exercise equipment (like a treadmill, for example) let me just say that I own no exercise equipment either. I jog in place in my kitchen!! At first I couldn’t hardly jog for more than a few minutes at a time but have now worked my way up to about 15 minutes at a time. Another handy piece of equipment I use…the clock on my microwave! I make note of the time I start jogging and use the clock to time myself. My daughter loves to jump around and dance while I’m jogging so she’ll bring her little radio into the kitchen while I jog and I let her pick out a station to listen to while we exercise. Listening to music also helps pass the time while exercising…it keeps 15 minutes from feeling like an eternity! Another sneaky way I incorporate exercising into my day is if I’m heating something up on the stove or in the microwave, I’ll jog while the food is heating. This way, I’m making use of the time I’d just be wasting while waiting for the food.

    One last tip that may not work for everyone…I weigh myself once a month to keep track of my progress. This method works well for me because I see bigger results at each weigh in which keeps me more motivated to keep exercising and trying to eat right. While this method may work for some, others may need a more frequent weigh in to keep on track, this way, if they are not losing as quickly as they would like or don’t seem to be losing weight, they can even further tweak their eating and exercise habits to achieve the results they want.

    There are many diet fads, weight loss drugs and supplements, and other “quick fixes” out there on the market but I think many will agree (experts included) that the best way to obtain better health long term, including a smaller waist line, is simply eating healthier and regular exercise.

    I wish everyone seeking a healthier life much success in achieving your personal goals.

    • Those are great suggestions! I get so tempted to get sucked into those diet fads- especially the ones that I know work because I see my friends doing them. However, my mindset is to avoid putting junk into my body. Despite what those sales people try to tell you- there is very little evidence that provides the long-term effects of fad diets, enhanced shakes and drinks, etc. I’ll just stick to what I know was intended for my body. Lots of fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and a lot of movement of my body. That being said- I still do like to indulge within reason and have a piece of chocolate almost every night after dinner. :-)

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