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Looking for the most beautiful, heartfelt and personalized gift for a loved one? There is a perfect place to get thousands of the UK’s best thoughtful gift ideas that will impress you from the word go. Its name, so easy to remember: Not on the high street. Their amazing collection consists of birthday gifts, wedding gifts, mother’s day gifts, father’s day gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts and much more. This is the only place you will get the sweet and most creative ways to show love and tell that special person to you that you are thinking about them. Be inspired as you shop at Not on the high street and choose the gift that expresses your feelings just the way you would want them expressed.

Here are some products I loved them instantly:

Gifts for him

Watershed Union Backpack

union backpack
at £25

The most attractive feature in this backpack is it comes in, its affordable pricing and the availability for international delivery. It is specially designed for either school, college or even a short distance traveling such as a day pack for a holiday. The different pockets that are well zipped enable one to pack different things nicely. Its adjustable padded straps make it very comfortable to carry on your back. {Link} – I just hope there will be an even better price during the Not on the high street Black Friday campaign.

‘Established’ Birthday T Shirt Personalised Years

established birthday t-shirt
from £19.99

If there is that special guy who is celebrating his birthday, this is the gift to buy for him. I like it because it fits nicely with the wearer, it is fashionable and the colors are just amazing. You will also agree with me that the variety of colors cannot go unnoticed either. This is one piece you can share with the guy who has it all but he will still appreciate greatly. This is a birthday gift that he will wear on his big day and the days to follow. The range of ages between 1998 to 1963 makes it easier for one to choose the appropriate year for their loved ones. I also like the professional touch it has been given ensuring that the quality is not compromised at any one time. {Link}

Personalized Large Lather Organizer with a Notebook

personalised large leather organiser
at £65

I like this stylish and personalized leather organizer because it is large enough for its uses but it also has a convenient size to enable you to place it in a bag, briefcase or even carry it around. Another impressive feature is the cool colors it comes in such as midnight blue and the classic black.

The way the notebook slots into the organizer makes it easy to be removed when need be. It also contains plenty of pockets for cards, notes and the like and it comes with beautiful recycled leather and a reptile textured finish. For sure it is an awesome gift to give him on his special day. {Link} – I think you might find it a bit cheaper during a Not on the high street sale campaign.

Gifts for her

Personalised Birth Month Flower Cushion Cover

flower cushion cover
at £29.95

These amazing floral cushion covers are designed in a special way and they display the flower that suits the month you were born in. I like the form of a color arrangement. Each watercolor is an illustration of one month of the year. I would definitely give it to any special lady in my life be it my mum, sister, grandma, best friend and any other great lady I know. Their high quality is not compromised in any way. The cushion can be personalized in such a way that it will not only be unique but it will also feel special to the person receiving it. The cousin cover is made of the best quality of the cotton inner fabric. It also comes with a zip opening and so you can always wash the covers in case of any dirt. {Link}

Floral Wine Glass And Carafe Set

floral wine glass and carafe
at £32.50

This wine glass is not only suitable for a gift for that special lady but it is also good for everyday use. I like its recent design that matches with Emma’s existing tumblers and carafes. This impressive design features iris, lupine, and foxgloves. This is one gift that every lady will appreciate and be overjoyed by your thoughtfulness. She will enjoy her wine in this glass on her big day and even on other future occasions. {Link}

Personalised Birthstone And Bar Bracelet

birthstone bar bracelet
at £21

This stunning bracelet can be engraved with 5 initials with a Swarovski birthstone charm. It already comes with engravings on the right-hand side. This is sweet because it can be engraved with a loved one’s initials. Every lady would fall in love with a bracelet added a Swarovski birthstone charm. This makes the bracelet very special and personalized too. If you gift a lady with this bracelet on her special day, she will know that you care and appreciate her. {Link}

Special gifts for a baby

Personalised Bertie Bear

bertie bear
at £22

A teddy bear is a dream for every child and this lovely personalized Bertie bear will be a great companion to your child now and even when she grows up. This Bertie is a traditionally styled teddy bear designed in a seated position. It also wears a white ribbon bow around its neck and a beautiful knitted jumper. The good thing about this bear is the embroidered name of your choice because it makes this gift to be very personal to your child or even a new mom. This Bertie‘s jumper comes in blue, pink and white colors. {Link}

Personalised Smiley Teddy Baby Towel

teddy baby hooded towel
at £20.99

This is just a perfect personalized gift for any child. I like this particular baby towel because it is made of snuggly soft neutral cream cotton toweling with very lovely teddy ears. Actually, it is a sweet baby towel made of 100% cotton velour with the outer velour giving the towel a luxurious silky soft feel. It has a great water absorbency rate ensuring that your baby will feel dry after a bath. It will also keep the baby warm and cozy due to its great quality even after regular washings. It is so amazing that you can personalize your baby towel with the name of your choice. You just need to say it and it shall be done. {Link}

Personalised Sheepskin Booties

sheepskin booties
at £26.50

These little beautiful sheepskin booties guarantee warmth to the toes of your little ones. They are not only cozy, but they also make a special baby gift to any baby. I like these sheepskin booties because the soles are embroidered with your choice and this means they will not only be unique but they will also be personalized in a lovely way. Another great feature is the grip of the thick and soft soles. This makes them the best for walkers, crawlers, shufflers and the like. They can also be used as baby slippers or booties. The soles can be embroidered in light pink, brown, light blue, navy blue, red or magenta thread and the embroidery can be on both soles. You can put the baby’s name, other sweet words like tiny toes, first steps, happy Christmas or any other beautiful words you may like. {Link}

Gifts for a friend

Friendship Knot Silver Earrings

friendship knot silver earrings
at £15

These friendship knot earrings come on a Wue presentation card. This is the perfect way to share a thoughtful message to your best friend or someone special to you. This special gift nicely presented on a beautiful presentation card ensuring that it drives the message home in the best way possible. This presentation particularly reads that “friendship is a knot that cannot be united”. It is a brilliant way to show your friend that your friendship is a strong bond. {Link}

‘The Pamper Box’ Letterbox Gift Set

letterbox gift set
at £32.95

This is a special gift set that contains all you need for a relaxing spa night. This luxurious British gift contains lovely goodies carefully sourced from different independent producers to ensure originality and quality is not compromised. This is because the ethical companies are concerned with the products they make and how they make them. {Link}

Olive Tree Of Friendship Gift

olive tree gift
at £55

If you gift your best friend with this beautifully wrapped olive tree, your friend will not only appreciate but will also know that you care about them. I like this stunning olive tree because it can grow in a flower pot. It also adds color and brightens even a rather dull room. It can also be placed on the balcony, terrace or even at the doorstep and bring out its beauty in a lovely way. I like its organic nature and it does not contain harmful chemicals at all. {Link}


This is the home of some of the best smart creative businesses. This is where you are sure to get a personalized gift with added love and attention. The only place you will get a unique and inspiring message in form of a gift to pass to your loved ones. They are able to bring together the most unique and stylish products that are not easy to find ensuring quality and uniqueness is the way to go.

Not on the high street discount code

I’ll contact the Not on the high street shop managers and I’ll try to get a promo code for you, my readers, during one or more sale campaigns; or maybe a permanent voucher code for shopping on notonthehighstreet.com.
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