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The importance of self discovery

Self discovery or self introspection in other words, is to know about ourselves. There is a time in everyone’s life when we really want to know about ourselves. Usually, it is the time when something goes wrong around us, some negative feelings emerge inside us or when we get lost in our track, face failures, get overwhelmed or get extremely exhausted. This is the time when depression tries to trap us and we fail to believe in our dreams or in the fact that they will ever come true or when the life is not moving the way we want it to.

At such a time, all we want to know is about our strengths and powers. When we really want to get out of depression and want to get back to our normal life. It is actually a time like this when we wish to overcome our Weaknesses and to pursue our Strengths; which means that we really want a CHANGE.

Usually in the beginning, we try to find a change in others or other things instead of ourselves. We want to change our surroundings, our jobs and our friends etc. that we think are leading us towards depression. In other words, we look for an escape. Escape from situations, escape from surroundings, escape from our sheer depression. But in reality, we try to escape from ourselves. We try to run away from FAILURES and this is where the idea of self discovery emerges and the journey begins.

First of all, we should realize that whatever comes in our lives, either good or bad, is from our GOD.

Usually, when God gives us blessings, we think we deserve them or we are entitled to them or this is because of our own good deeds, our own accomplishments or our own capabilities. However, we completely ignore that these are the favors from our God. We dismiss the idea that this is somehow a divine gift.

On the other hand, when something bad happens to us, we completely lose hope and get depress or sad. We start to blame God that why He did this to us. Why we have been pushed through this bad situation.

There are some people who just get used to winning in every part of their lives and when, even a little bit of it is taken away from them, they turn extremely disheartened. If we only begin to think that whatever happens in our life, good or bad, is from our God and it’s just a test to know that how we are going to react in every situation of our life that alone would make our lives easier. This concept is very deep but I have gathered it in the due course of my life.

This concept of ‘being in any circumstance is from our God’ gives us a full contentment that if we are doing something good or wrong, there is someone who is going to take care of us. We are responsible of our deeds but the control of the situation is still in someone else’s hands. This will eliminate all negativity from our lives that will help us create a big change in ourselves. It will actually do miracles. We will no longer be conscious of ourselves, our belongings and our surroundings. How we outwardly look will not matter. We will be able to observe less self importance and will be able to give more importance to others, instead.

Self importance to me is having a tendency of being self centered in our experiences and life. We begin to imagine that we can control our lives and we imagine that we can manage things all by ourselves. With this feeling of self importance, we don’t stay happy forever. Instead, we often feel haunted by the negative commentary of our own mind like judging ourselves the way we look, what we are capable of doing, we compare ourselves in terms of physical looks like thinness, or smartness etc. and we always come up lacking in the end.

This is a very big mistake because we are not the fixers of our own lives. So, the ultimate concept that ‘all situations are created due to reasons well known by our God’, will stop us from blaming others or ourselves for any bad thing that happen around us and we will be keen to struggle for good deeds. This will also help us in completely getting over the idea of feeling self-centered.

Eventually, we will start getting closer to others. We will respect them. We will start listening more to them, not only through ears but through our heart as well. We will start respecting the HUMANITY. In turn, this will help us respecting ourselves and we will end up building a great self-esteem. We will automatically stop using the word ‘Me’ and will concentrate more on the word ‘Us’. We will try to make others happy while feeling contentment in fulfilling other’s wishes and creating comfort zone for others. We will focus on our good habits and will try to be kind to others. Along with this, we will also get conscious of our deeds and words. What we speak and what we do will matter more to us than anything else because we wouldn’t want to hurt anyone through them.

Secondly, we should realize that just like every one of us, are given a limited number or set of blessings/opportunities.

Similarly, we have been given a limited set of challenges that we are going to face in our lives. Furthermore, since everyone’s set of blessings and opportunities are different from one another. That’s why, our tests are different from one another as well according to our personalities and circumstances, chosen by God. This concept will eventually help us to avoid comparing oneself with another and would never lead us to any kind of depression of self-consciousness or comparison.

Thirdly, there are few things in all of us which are secrets and are well hidden inside us.

Secrets that sometimes we know and we don’t want to share with others; but sometimes there are also few secrets that we don’t realize we know or acknowledge and they are also well hidden inside us. These are hidden somewhere in our sub-consciousness. These are the things which are deeply embedded in our early memory but they still impact the way we speak, react and behave in our life.

For instance, sometimes people have very aggressive behavior and when they go for therapy or talk to their own shrink, they go down our unconsciousness and trap the history of the aggression from our past circumstances, which at times we even don’t know relates to any unpleasant memory of our life. Specialists pull out those memories and make us aware of our sub-consciousness. In other words, they make us self-aware and help us to discover about ourselves.

But when we start believing in spirituality, it makes us realize that the things happened in past, good or bad, have happened for the reasons best known to our God. Our God needs something from us and that is the REALIZATION of the fact that He knows us better than us. So by trusting Him fully we can overcome our aggression, frustration and phobias. The more and more clarity we will obtain with this concept, the more it will fill us with confidence in ourselves.

‘The one who truly got to know his Master, truly got to know himself.’

Don’t try to become like those people who forgot Him and then ultimately couldn’t find their own inner peace. In other words, those who really remember Him, He will truly make them aware of themselves. So, remembering Him is actually the opening of the new gates to know oneself. It elevates us from so much sadness and negativity and ultimately leads us to prosperity and development.

Fourthly, until we are not going to put ourselves into the work or worse SITUATION, we are not going to know who we are.

What are our strengths and weaknesses? So, don’t get afraid of jumping in and failing. Failing is good for us. It exposes the holes in the walls. It exposes what we need to work on. It also exposes what we are good at, where we might need some more refinement. Until we are not going to try anything, how we are going to learn. Learning through this concept also opens new doors and opportunities for us, to know more about ourselves, to polish our personalities and to become stronger.

We should keep on trying new things in our business, new jobs, new opportunities etc. When we would not stop to become depress on our failures, amazing things are going to happen in our lives. Eventually, we will fully apply ourselves into every situation and only then we will feel self-contentment and self-confident which will lead us to the journey of the self-discovery. It will lead us to know WHO WE REALLY ARE? We will feel that it is the real time to live.

As the well said notion says: ‘By discovering our true self, we will be able to find peace and tranquility in our hearts’.

Final Tip

An easy way to find peace, your own inner self and to discover your own sanity amongst all the things that you have no control over is to meditate every day. Meditation will bring you close to the existence of the superlative power who has a strong and powerful control over everything and this will keep you calm and you will feel more protected and at peace.

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