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I am available to accept different types of partnerships. Contact me to discuss this. Rates may be obtained on request. If you think your brand fits my style, I offer you sponsorship and advertising opportunities, including guest posting, collaborative posts, sponsored posts, banner ads and link advertising. Regarding banner ads, I am a little skeptical about having ads or banners on my blog, but surprise me with your proposal!

If you would like to engage in any kind of partnership – advertisement – sponsorship, I am open to ideas of collaboration. If you think your brand falls within the scope of my work, don’t hesitate to write me:

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About collaborative/sponsored posts, guest posts

When I write a collaborative post you can be sure it will have at least 800 words and the writing style will be creative or technical depending on the topic. If you want to get 1-2 links to your website that is fine, I’m ok with including backlinks to your business website, included in the writing fee, as I find it natural to reference your website when promoting your products or services or brand.

If you want to submit a guest post the requirements are the same: a minimum of 800 words content length, natural wording and you can include 1-2 backlinks to your website in the guest blog post. Make sure it’s original content free from plagiarism (I will check it anyway). My blog is not specialized in guest post service and I don’t offer guest posting services on a regular basis. But if your article is valuable and offers readers useful information, I will gladly consider it so don’t hesitate contacting me if you want to talk to me about your guest blog post. You have to know that I reserve the right to edit your guest blog to improve its readability and make it more personal.